SPX Lab has always dedicated resources to sharing innovation and "develop technology" at the service of people and their needs.

Over time we have organized events for a general public, not only for professionals, with particular attention to social issues, interdisciplinary contamination and cultural enrichment.

We believe that progress, creativity and discussion are a common path towards a better future



The S+T+ARTS TALKS IN GENOVA event, as part of the European Commission's S + T + ARTS program, was born in 2019 thanks to the collaboration between CTI Liguria, SPX Lab and the University of Genoa.

With the support of the European Commission, S + T + ARTS TALKS IN GENOVA has been immediately included in the "Festival della Scienza" circuit in Genoa, an international event dedicated to the emerging form of collaboration between science, technology and arts.

The collaboration between different disciplines has the purpose of promoting innovation in the most varied application areas. New creative processes, resulting from the contamination of knowledge and comparison of mentality (lateral thinking), usually distant from each other, are explored to achieve common goals by applying methods of interaction between scientists, artists, engineers and industry. Creative industrial production, urban planning, social and environmental sustainability are just some examples of areas in which the definition of new creative approaches to the realization of innovative ideas and projects benefits from the collaboration between different disciplines.






Riviera Engineering Days is a series of events dedicated to engineering, in which leading companies and key figures will talk with technical insights, testimonials and institutional interventions about the opportunities to be exploited in the territory thanks to technology.

Over the years, engineering has undergone a continuous evolution that has led to the birth of new disciplines, but it is the Information Communication Technology (ICT), or rather Information Engineering, that today has important and unique characteristics. On one side it constitutes the "nervous system" of the modern society based on technology that dominates every field of our life, from telecommunications to biomedicine. On the other hand, it is revealing itself as the newest and most modern engineering specialization, although there are still many who perform tasks related to this delicate and important sector without having certified skills.

And that's why Red2016 is dedicated in particular to information engineering and how it is propulsive for the development of important economic sectors such as tourism or energy. Red2016 events are organized under the patronage of Regione Liguria and Provincia di Savona, by the Ordini degli Ingegneri of the provinces of Savona and Genova, by the Comitato Italiano Ingegneria dell'Informazione and by the Campus Universitario of Savona.



Our creative lab hosted the Market Think Days, a new format lasting three days to get to know our company, participate in the showcase of our products and attend the free workshop on data collection, lead generation and strategies to create campaigns that convert. All this while networking with brunch and refreshments.

The meeting includes a showcase of our products, through a path designed to coordinate perfectly with the workshop on data flow, conversions, online and offline marketing strategy held by our Marketing Strategy Advisor. Discussions, presentations and networking, to restore value to the physical location through digital marketing campaigns and strategies. 

The edition was then repeated throughout 2018 and 2019 with monthly meetings on different topics, among them we mention only the most important ones such as:

  • marketing strategies related to the knowledge of target audience and lead generation implementation strategies
  • the relationship between the use of technology and the design of efficient marketing strategies, for a dynamic data analysis and to improve the experience of the tourist
  • neuromarketing and the customer experience, highlighting the ability of the customer experience to create a multisensory experience in the consumer, motivating him/her to make a purchase
  • strategies for online and in-store sales, implementing digital innovations and Industry 4.0
  • the importance of digital experience in the physical store and phygital products: digital solutions that convey involvement towards the physical place and encourage interaction in store






The Talk WOMAN ONLIVE is a new format conceived to tell about the project #NONPOSSOPARLARE , digital tool to fight domestic violence, with guests and illustrious partners of the project who followed appointment after appointment.
It was June 19, 2020 when the first edition was broadcast via FB live, moderated by Alessandra Grasso, communication expert Agorà Coop, Rosella Scalone creator of the NONPOSSOPARLARE project, Simona Binello of Cooperativa Sociale Agorà and Paola Campi of Centro Antiviolenza Pandora in Genoa, with a preface by poet Roberto Bani.
Over the following months, the format was repeated weekly, always live online, touching on topics of great cultural and social value such as: social innovation, as a value for the territory and for business action, the vision of women in our society, Social Innovation and the synergy of anti-violence centers alongside abused women.
The chatbot NONPOSSOPARLARE, already active in many anti-violence centers and other sites, allows women victims of violence to ask for immediate support without having to make a phone call.


 For more information visit the Save The Woman Facebook page and the official website www.savethewoman.org