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"SPX Lab is a laboratory of digital technologies and creativity that experiments and produces products, services and solutions in the field of software consulting, marketing automation and smart forniture. In SPX Lab we develop innovative technologies in order to meet the needs of people and companies, applying Agile Methodology and User Experience Design. SPX Lab wants to demonstrate how to react to changes by absorbing new needs and building together with its customers those experiences that have not yet been imagined, through experimentation, communication and dissemination thanks to networking of excellence and new media. SPX Lab is a limited company based in Italy, connected to the world." 



SPX La's clusters of activity:

  • Marketing Automation

    SPX Lab supports its products with communication and digital marketing strategies. Creating a loyal relationship with the end customer is essential to establish a relationship of trust.
    We provide digital solutions such as Ta.Bi, EXPO, I-Dea, and ME Connects, innovative tools to improve the User Experience, integrated with existing CRM and marketing strategies, capable of transforming an installation into an extraordinarily effective setting for connecting with customers and people. A new way for promotion, sharing and creating engagement.
  • Digital Solutions

    Deep knowledge of technology is the main ingredient for creating stable, reliable and interoperable solutions.
    We offer taylored design and development services in the IT field, based on a User Centered Design vision and our high skilled team. We use agile methodologies to develope solutions in the most varied areas: apps, business matching, school publishing, finance, sustainability, internet, e-commerce and live commerce.
  • Smart Interior

    The elegance and the creativity of Italian Style are enriched with the magic of digital, with new features and increasingly surprising effects.
    We have inaugurated a new way of conceiving interior design, creating furnishing accessories where the elegant lines of Italian design are combined with latest generation technologies. It is part of this line, Mirò The Mirror Beyond Reflection.
  • Research and Development

    To introduce and test new products and improve existing ones, thanks to the study, discovery and application of new technologies


SPX Lab staff includes engineers, designers, creatives, system and software engineers. Skills and competences of each SPX Lab team member form the basis of positive and practical know-how sharing, on which creativity and development of all our projects and new products are based.


Every day at SPX Lab we positively react to change, taking up novelties and, together with our Clients, building new, still unexplored experiences.


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