SPX Lab is a laboratory of digital technologies, which experiments new solutions in the most varied fields of application, through a constant human centered approach..

Research is almost always stimulated by expressed or observed needs and concerns mainly the advanced interfaces (HCI, Tangible Bit, AR), the User Experience UX), the prediction aimed at process optimization (AI), the Internet of thinks (IoT), the application of neuroscience for marketing and rehabilitation, the relationship between science, technology, design and art.
In order to effectively carry out its R&D activities, SPX Lab experiments new creative processes, making its programmers constantly interact, designers, User Experience experts, always with a clear vision of business.


SPX Lab's academic background is the inspiration behind our ongoing, methodical quest to find innovative solutions that meet the needs of our modern-day information society. This research involves:

  • using a scientific method to develop new ideas
  • keeping up-to-date by studying scientific literature
  • regularly attending specialist courses and conferences or training events
  • taking part in research projects and programmes
  • entering innovation competitions
  • working with universities.
  • organization of informative events.