SPX LAB is involved in a range of social projects, with a particular focus on programmes aimed at ending gender violence or making tourism more accessible to blind people. 

We collaborate with two important realities of the Ligurian territory and has developed two apps over the last few years, drawing on its own resources as well as other sources of funding

SPX LAB’s team management practices are built around the principles of 'smart working', favouring sustainable working arrangements that are compatible with the private lives of staff members.




SAVE THE WOMAN is an application able to identify the level of risk of violence against women through the answers to a questionnaire developed by a team of multidisciplinary experts. The questions are grouped by type, each one relates to a person's sphere of life. Each question has five possible answers, depending on how much you identify with the subject of the question: just by clicking on the answer that best represent yourself.
All the data collected remain anonymous and the person is associated with a code.

The app is not intended to criminalize the partner, but to impart awareness of a woman's condition within the couple and make her aware of a potential risk. At the end, the application provides an indication on the risk profile (green-yellow-red) and, in case of real danger, invites to immediately contact one of the Anti-violence Centers associated with SAVE THE WOMAN. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the app continuously learns during use, minimizing false positives.




In order to fight the risk of domestic violence, the NONPOSSOPARLARE chatbot was created, a project aimed at helping women who want to receive information and support from anti-violence centers in a silent and safe way.

It is created in particular for women who have difficulty communicating and speaking, forced to stay at home with their psychologically or physically violent partners.
The NONPOSSOPARLARE chatbot allows to respond effectively to an unlimited number of people at the same time, provides users with support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anonymously and without leaving any trace.




Basta Poco Odv is an italian no-profit association that has been operating since 2011 on the ligurian territory. It offers concrete support to people in advanced state of illness and their families, to improve their quality of life and to spread the knowledge of the right to palliative care.

SPX LAB in 2017 started to collaborate with Basta Poco during different foundrasing events and in 2018 created the new web site www.bastapocoodv.it 



SPX Lab organizes free training days, with monthly recurrence, within the Market-THINK Days. Contact us for more information and to get the voucher (20 places available at each session).