We design your next experience


SPX LAB is the digital communication lab designing and developing software, web products, services and solutions, and applying Agile Methodologies: namely, small, independently organized development teams with short-term goals following a User Experience design approach.


SPX LAB features different business clusters:

  • Altatto, comprising all "surface" products like Ta.bi, Expo touch tables, digital displayers, Me.The Selfie Machine aNd, more in general, the ability to Create - for trade fairs as well as for any other event - outstandingly awesome settings.
  • Digital Tools, including Apps and Web Sites, Digital Publishing and content managment, Surveys for street marketing, for wich project decisions are made together with our customers.
  • ICT wich for SPX LAB means solutions/applications designed to optimize conventional corporate processes, through the design of professional software to manage significant data flows, as well as for cloud managment of server networks.
  • R & D: to keep introducing and testing new products and upgrading existing ones through research, discovery and implementation of new technologies.


SPX LAB staff includes engineers, designers, creatives, system and software engineers. Skills and competences of each SPX LAB team member form the basis of positive and practical know-how sharing, on which creativity and development of all our projects and new products are based.


Every day at SPX LAB we positively react to change, taking up novelties and, together with our Clients, building new, still unexplored experiences.