Our team is made up of young professionals, engineers, web designers, social media managers, content editors, and business consultants: a team of different yet complementary professionals, to cover all product aspects.


HEAD: Massimiliano Margarone, CEO

·       Alessandra Giorgi, CTO

·       Alessia Risso, Executive Assistant

·       Sara Ferranti, Account Executive

Communication & Design

HEAD: Sara Ferranti

·       Karim Hamily, Product Designer

·       Alice Manca, Social Manager

·       Elena Sarpero, Adv Designer

Sales & Business

HEAD: Massimiliano Margarone

·       Rosella Scalone, Sales Agent

·       Luca Oddone, Sales Agent

Technology & Innovation

HEAD: Alessandra Giorgi

·       Andrea Bracale, Application Developer

·       Dario Robatto, Product Owner

·       Davide De Angeli, Application Developer

·       Gianluca Colla, Application Developer

·       Matteo Brigati, Application Developer

·       Niccolò Ratto, Application Developer

·       Stefano Gamma, Solution Architect

·       Maurizio Scalia, Cloud Specialist

·       Renzo Di Giuseppe, IT Manager