Companies and organisations that need to design and develop marketing, communication and promotion strategies for their products and services. Situations requiring dialogue between the client and the company for exchanging information and services. Promoting entertainment attractions and the area they are held in.


  • When designing your app, our starting point is always the needs of your company and your users.
  • Professional design and development services in accordance with certified standards
  • High-performance apps that work on any mobile operating system (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Apps capable of communicating with existing and/or remote databases
  • The lean approach is used for rapid, reliable results, with the project centred around the client's expectations


  • Catalogue and product and services configurator
  • Cultural tourism and museums: user experience research has allowed us to develop useful tools that make city visits more simple.
  • Support for surveillance patrols: the client receives information on incidents, alarm checks and notifications on their smartphone in real time
  • Entertainment: games for adults and children designed to teach through fun.
  • Collecting information about clients to develop complex marketing strategies and ultimately sell through e-commerce.