The health emergency has prompted the use of so-called digital platforms for booking, selling and enjoying events and content online. SPX Lab offers such platforms, completely designed around the requirements of the customer and its audience, in various application areas:

  • Provision of online training courses

  • Virtual cultural, sporting and religious events

  • Viewing of streaming video content

  • Videoconferencing

The SPX Lab solution is ideal for brands and companies that want a high-performance platform for selling their content in real time or recorded, fully integrated with the rest of the image and digital communication already used in the company. We are able to personalise and make the online purchase experience of digital content absolutely original.


  • Booking, purchase and delivery of videoconference training courses

  • Booking, purchase and delivery of events, both cultural and sporting, held in real time, such as curator-led visits to an archaeological site, matches, functions

  • Purchase of streaming video content on desktop, mobile and TV devices for limited periods

  • Videoconferences and webinars on a dedicated and customised platform

The platforms are compatible with all platforms, desktop and mobile, and can be integrated with other elements of the digital ecosystem, such as physical events.