• User data profiling ME collects information willingly entered by users and it is an excellent tool, for example, for target user profiling when designing marketing campaigns
  • Face recognition The device is capable of distinguishing gender and age of the individual before the camera, thus suggesting the most suitable offer.
  • Multi point Several ME units can be installed in different, even distant places. All data collected from the various units are then sent to the same interface device and put together for more accurate information about consumer tastes and habits
  • Customer retention Immediate reactions, comments and sharing opportunities are common place around a ME, adding to the engagement and interest in a brand and product. This powerful tool, which raises immediate user satisfaction and enjoyment, is great fun to use.



  • Trade fairs inside exhibitor’s stands
  • Corporate events
  • Launching of new stores
  • Shopping malls and supermarkets



With ME Connects you can take selfies, and share them live on social networks. You can even print them and at the same time collect likes and followers on your social web pages while promoting traffic to your web site.