Target Users

Suitable for cosmetics and beauty care brands, companies in the fashion and accessories industry, restaurants and companies in the food and wine sector; I-Dea brings the relationship between supply and demand to a single and personal plan that can be applied to any branch of the market.


For the seller:
customer loyalty and involvement. It has a personalized and fast solution without hindering the work of the desk and the ability to insert more brands within the application, increasing the visibility of brands and products. I-Dea proposes itself as an excellent tool for stimulating the purchase: the solutions offered to the customer almost always include a product kit or suggestions of products similar to the recommended one, thus encouraging the sale of several items.

For the customer:
the possibility of acting in total autonomy eliminating any inconvenience of requests to staff, privacy and the use of time in a functional and fast manner.
Moreover I-Dea proposes itself as an engaging attraction, a perfect option to distract yourself while waiting for your turn.


I-Dea is available in two versions, the Table solution, an ultra-thin and light touch screen, medium in size, easy to move and to position on any surface; and the Stand version, a maxi interactive screen supported by a vertical structure.