Happy Easter from SPX Lab Team

Easter 2020 is approaching, this year it will be different, far from come of our loved ones, but virtually brought together by technology. We have reacted, imagining Italy in six months, inside and outside the borders of the nation, and with some of our partners we have developed ideas, from "live commerce", to the defense of women at this time of lockdown, to "business matching” platform for export, to an app for monitoring the dynamics associated with COVID-19. Many of which will become proposals and, we hope, projects. From the first moments of this emergency, to protect the health of SPX Lab, we decided to adopt 100% smartworking; it was easy for us who have been working with smartworking since 2010 ... but looking around we immediately realized that the situation was not as easy: many companies were unprepared - smartworking is a mentality not only a set of digital tools - and others that smartworking could not have adopted, logistics companies for example. We therefore made ourselves available to provide free help for those who needed smart and agile work methods and digital marketing to overcome the physical limits of the lockdown. We have thus produced our own free downloadable e-book. For several weeks we have been supporting online teaching: we monitor the performance of applications and servers, we are thinking about new developments so that students do not miss school education. Almost 3000 students are constantly connected to our servers on which Zanichelli learning tools are used. For us it is a great success, but the real challenge will be to equip ALL students with technology and overcome the "digital divide", too many in fact still lack it. At the beginning of the lockdown, we made some recommendations by preparing an infographic for a more aware use of remote applications in the hypothesis that the whole world would switch to teleworking mode and that this could saturate the calculation skills. The recommendations have been implemented by C3I, CNI and the Council Presidency. SPX Lab does not stop, in compliance with the decrees, we do it for us, for our customers and for our partners. This situation has allowed all the members of SPX Lab to really understand the core values of the team and the company, the distance has made us even closer. We will continue to make our values available to the community so that everyone can start again with a new strategy and vision of the world. We wish a happy Easter to all.