The presentation of the project #NONPOSSOPARLARE

The official launch of the digital tool to combat domestic violence was held today, a solution that is needed especially during this Covid19 emergency. Indeed, many women find themselves locked in the house in conditions of violence and abuse; the emergency has also been raised by the UN and OMS, after the cases of violence increased, all around the world. #NONPOSSOPARLARE is a chatbot active 24 hours a day, a "silent", "intelligent" and safe help tool for women who are unable to report abuse by calling. The project is the result of social innovation: born from the synergy between technologists and third sector professionals. The chatbot is created in collaboration with Dotvocal, the two anti-violence centers: Pandora in Genoa and Insieme Senza Violenza in Imperia, the Agorà Cooperative and other sector specialists that make up the Scientific Committee.