New spot SPX Lab

We created the new corporate spot, guided by this historical moment that prompted us to think about how we should have adapted and what we should have proposed to our partners and customers to help them adapt to recent difficulties. Just like in the game of the broken telephone, we are now able to communicate quickly, in confined spaces, but with projects that ideally embrace the whole globe. SPX Lab has always moved within well-defined but innovative boundaries, such as digital publishing, interface design, user experience and collection and processing of sensitive data useful to companies. Covid19, however, gave us the opportunity to broaden our views and our boundaries, allowing us to insert all the values ​​that we have always carefully cultivated, within a broader vision. In a hypothetical imaginary and increasingly contactless world, SPX Lab is working to make this happen in the simplest, fastest and most accessible way. Thanks also to CXNow for stimulating the preparation of this new element of corporate communication. Here's the link to our spot: