How did our relationship with technology change?

What if what was previously seen as a distancing from the real world, for the first time in history had instead brought us closer? We have experienced a lockdown and a subsequent recovery where technology has been a point of reference in order not to lose ourselves completely. It has been our means of interaction, information, our window on the world, a way of doing business, of continuing to produce and learn. We weren't ready for this push but it seems that we can't and don't want to go back. Even during the 2nd, the post-pandemic world continues and will continue to need technology more and more; and what previously looked like a detachment now facilitates our daily lives, from work to leisure: delivery, commerce, management, everything is processed and conveyed by our smartphone. Applications, live commerce and streaming, new entertainment formats, was a moment of stimulus and diffusion which was crucial for technology. Not only a solution to the future of business, as could have been foreseen, but above all for what has materialized in social innovation; in this regard, I think of the collaboration between engineers and the Third Sector for the realization of #NONPOSSOPARLARE, a Social Innovation solution for women victims of gender-based violence and a partnership that places itself at the center of progress and corporate ethics. The interactions, the contacts, take place in continuous transition between virtual and real, for the first time without one limiting the experience of the other. The way we do business has changed out of necessity, but we have adapted ourselves with wonder and naturalness, making a future safer and more concrete that innovators have been imagining for decades.
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