NONPOSSOPARLARE and JULIET CLUB: #donotstopdreaming

The partnership between #NONPOSSOPARLARE and Fenix Live - Club Juliet will be presented on Wednesday September 16th from 3 to 7 pm at the Capitular Library in Verona. The collaboration was created to celebrate the synergy between female entrepreneurial realities, territory and corporate social responsibility. Part of the proceeds from the Club Juliet initiatives will support the #NONPOSSOPARLARE project, and the association that for years has been dealing with replying to lovers' letters from Verona, the capital of romanticism and a symbol of love between Juliet and Romeo, will raise awareness of the issue of gender based violence and the many implications of love. The words of love, the thousand faces of love, are contrasted with the silent requests for help from women who are victims of domestic, physical and psychological violence.