S+T+ARTS TALKS IN GENOVA: two days between science, art and technology

The two days dedicated to the relationship between contemporary art, science and technology for the development of business creativity ended yesterday. The workshop was divided into two half days, on 27.10 dedicated to speakers, artists and scientists from all over Italy and on 28.10 an afternoon of international presentations, with connected speakers from all over the world, such as Texas, Canada and China.
S+T+ARTS TALKS IN GENOA was created with the intention of bringing the STARTS flag to the local territory, a project of the European Union dedicated to interdisciplinary research and development projects, in particular concerning the STEM disciplines and art, also following the wave of the Science Festival, which recognized S+T+ARTS TALKS IN GENOA as a special event of the event. This edition took place entirely online in compliance with the restrictions given by the Covid19 emergency, through the Hopin platform. Soon some clips and contents of the conferences will be uploaded on the dedicated social page, so as to be visible to those who could not participate.
For info: www.startstalksingenova.eu