Internet for human resilience and solidarity

Unite and head of UN DESA, during the meeting of the Internet Governance Forum held in November entitled “Internet for human resilience and solidarity”. "These include the digital economy, digital finance, digital governance, digital health and digital education."
"Indeed, many governments and businesses have already turned to digital platforms and digital solutions. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed digital fragilities and divisions that have been developing for too long," he added.
With half the global population locked up and 90% of students remotely at some point in 2020, the internet has become our classroom, our workplace, our meeting space, and even our dance floor. It is everyone's commitment to ensure that the Internet continues to connect us and not separate us. With this goal in 2020 we have created a further turning point in this sense, designing and implementing projects aimed at specifically overcoming this gap, from Exportlounge for Italian exports around the world, to DISTRETTO20 for the enhancement of proximity trade, to NONPOSSOPARLARE against gender-based violence that led to the creation of the Save the Woman Association. Projects in full launch phase, which with the support of our partners will enter the maturity phase in 2021.Follow our newsletter: