Mirò, star of the Cocktail Party, at the Hotel Principe di Savoia, in-between gold and magic

The official presentation of Mirò, the party organized in partnership with the luxury magazine Goodstyle, was a success.
In the lively atmosphere of Milan fashion week, the 'magic mirror', displayed in the spectacular Sala Veranda of the Hotel Principe di Savoia, has made all the guests fall in love with its never-before-seen features and its elegant and modern style. During the Mirò Fashion Show, where some models paraded and interacted with 'the mirror beyond reflection', Lisa Galantini, a Genoese actress, held the speech; a dreamy moment that unveiled the characteristics of Mirò, real protagonist of the evening.
At the exclusive Cocktail Party there were some important brands from the luxury sector, such as Auleum, the Golden Oil that has delighted those present with a dedicated show cooking and dishes; and even Maserati and Lamborghini.
We kindly thank the participants at the event, we are proud of the success of the evening and eager to show you more about this incredible project.