SPX Lab promotes Gender Equality Certification

It was a long, beautiful day, the one we spent in the beautiful setting of Villa Migone in Genoa meeting experts and local companies who enthusiastically joined the initiative Grow in parity supported by us and coaudiuvata in the organization
Save the Woman increasingly committed not only on the ground of combating violence against women, but also on that of female empowerment and inclusion is proud to have organized this event to tell the great opportunity for growth and equity that represents the new certification of gender equality. We had the opportunity to listen to the major national experts on the topic and the dialogue with companies was animated by great curiosity and interest. An interest that reflects the opening of our corporate fabric to a theme, that of a more just and inclusive labour market, that is urgently faced and that today, thanks to the new certification, we have the opportunity to start to make reality. Save the Woman thanks all the people, companies, and experts who took turns: (list of interventions) and the artist... who wanted to be present at the event with his extraordinary work (opera name), reminding us that not the fight against violence, to win his battle he must proceed on the level of assistance to the victims, but even earlier on the level of social emancipation and cultural change, all elements that in the wonderful day of Growing in gender equality, we saw merging and giving us a vision of a new hope. Thanks again to everyone present.