SPX Lab in Vietnam and Singapore

SPX Lab has been in Vietnam and Singapore, representing made in Italy and innovative projects. As members of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam - ICHAM and with the support of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, we created many relationships to develop. We attended the ICHAM Year End Party, invited by President ICHAM Michele D'Ercole, a collaboration that gave birth to the International Desk ICHAM in Liguria, a project extended from the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam. Ambassadors of Ligurian excellence in the world, we faced this journey of representation with the primary aim of strengthening relations between the two countries also on a technological level and creating new projects, keeping our focus on business and today marketplace.

S+T+ARTS TALKS IN GENOVA: science, technology and art to stimulate creativity and innovation

On November 4th the event S+T+ARTS TALKS IN GENOA was held, a side initiative of the Genoa Science Festival taking place at Casa Paganini and organized by CTI Liguria to which we have contributed by organizing and promoting the scientific content. The event has analyzed the relationship between art, technology and science and the complementarity of these disciplines in today's business 4.0 focus. How can contemporary art and technological innovation stimulate each other and cooperate to promote corporate creativity?
This was the question that developed the topics under discussion, with cases studies and speeches held by artists, scientists, architects and researchers. The workshop was divided into two sessions of interventions and a showcase area, where the artworks of Matteo Macciò and Mirò, the magic mirror by Spx Lab where one could admire works by the Smart Art of the artist LYS. The event was then followed by a Cocktail, a moment of networking between participants and speakers.


CX Now 2019: SPX Lab' focus on marketing automation and infotainment systems

Massimiliano Margarone CEO of SPX Lab spoke at the smart retail fair, CX Now 2019, with a speech on "Marketing Automation and infotainment systems".Held in Milan, the event that brings together operators of digital services and technologies, was an opportunity for discussion, to deepen and bring attention to the importance of the customer experience. SPX Lab was present at the event with the ME Connects project, the marketing automation tool that combines fun and marketing for an innovative way of doing business.

Jazz’Inn in Pietrelcina

SPX Lab partner of Fondazione Ampioraggio is present at Jazz’Inn Pietrelcina. After the stage in Laigueglia of last June, the charming village of Pietrelcina becomes the crucial center where institutions, partners, public and private companies meet to discuss open innovation, sharing ideas, build territorial development projects. Jazz’Inn is an event “out of the ordinary”, where ideas  contaminated whith the sounds of jazz the stars. Innovation is confronted with the territory, buils bridges between startup and institutions  to turn ideas isuccessful initiatives.

TO-Asean: new opportunities in the eastern hub

SPX Lab CEO Massimiliano Margarone, was present at the To-Asean business event held in Turin last June 17th. Forum that brings together public and private actors, to reflect on opportunities for business development and cooperation, offered by the South East Asian markets in terms of innovation and new technologies. The event was attended by important figures in the Eastern market, such as the Ambassador of Vietnam, the Ambassador of Thailand and Michele D'Ercole, President of the Italy-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce (ICHAM).

Jazz'Inn, innovation out of the common places

Last weekend ended the first edition of the Jazz’inn Festival in Laigueglia. SPX Lab official partner of the Ampioraggio Foundation and co-organizer of the event aimed innovate influencing by jazz notes adding musical rediscovering the value of an ancient village like Laigueglia. In the morning, the format included work tables  in which companies, public and private bodies met, to: exchange ideas, share and develop useful project to satisfy community needstheir knowledge to develop useful projects to meet the needs. The afternoon session is dedicated to the release:of ideas: the working groups  gathered in meetings places of the city, report on the agreed projects. Among the topics discussed in this edition: the value on sustainable mobility of cities; the enhancement of minor territorial areas, culture and tourism in favor of the development of open innovation and big data.

Rome, Ampioraggio presented Jazz'Inn

Ampioraggio Foundation was received in Rome at the council chamber of the parliamentary groups; SPX Lab, one of the official partners, was present at the event. Designed to bring together all the companies that cooperate in the creation of a competitive technological development model, the meeting was the occasion for the presentation of the Jazz'Inn events, the first appointment in Laigueglia and that among the topics discussed technological innovations and will include sustainable mobility.

Massimiliano Margarone SPX Lab CEO, meets Becamex to discuss new collaborations in ICT

The connection policy with the markets of South East Asia, pushes SPX Lab to turn its gaze towards the new perspectives in the ICT field. Massimiliano Margarone CEO of SPX Lab, participated in the meeting with Becamex held in Binh Duong. Promoted by the Italian Chamber of Commerce Abroad Association (ICHAM), the event is part of the Vietnam Design Week (VMARK) held in Vietnam from May 17th to 20th, it was an opportunity to discuss the sustainability of cities by designing new routes and future collaborations in the ICT sector.

SPX Lab, icon of Made in Italy in Vietnam

SPX Lab is increasingly affirming itself in South-East Asia, tracing a new concept of Made in Italy. Opening channels and new connections with foreign markets by building synergies. This is why SPX Lab has decided to take the "path of innovation", entering among the main European companies of the ICHAM channel. Vietnam, the second hub in the Southeast Asian market for economic growth, is a mature territory to promote new projects and trace business strategies in which: innovation and luxury design meet, generating values and offering new possible solutions. For SPX Lab, investing in innovation policies means designing a new concept of Made in Italy in the world, building new scenarios of action in which research and development create a smart company conveying new perspectives, outside physical and mental boundaries.

The partnership with Good Style Magazine is growing successfully

SPX Lab renews its partnership with Good Style Magazine, the magazine dedicated to luxury design, to celebrate the fruitful collaboration between SPX LAB the Genoese communication laboratory and the magazine dedicated to glamor and lifestyle. An important prominent showcase in the publishing sector of the sector magazines, the seventh issue of the magazine dedicates an in-depth editorial edited by Eva Perasso, regarding the latest extraordinary creation of SPX Lab, Mirò: the mirror with the technology "hidden and invisible to the eyes" .