S+T+ARTS TALKS IN GENOVA: science, technology and art to stimulate creativity and innovation

On November 4th the event S+T+ARTS TALKS IN GENOA was held, a side initiative of the Genoa Science Festival taking place at Casa Paganini and organized by CTI Liguria to which we have contributed by organizing and promoting the scientific content. The event has analyzed the relationship between art, technology and science and the complementarity of these disciplines in today's business 4.0 focus. How can contemporary art and technological innovation stimulate each other and cooperate to promote corporate creativity?
This was the question that developed the topics under discussion, with cases studies and speeches held by artists, scientists, architects and researchers. The workshop was divided into two sessions of interventions and a showcase area, where the artworks of Matteo Macciò and Mirò, the magic mirror by Spx Lab where one could admire works by the Smart Art of the artist LYS. The event was then followed by a Cocktail, a moment of networking between participants and speakers.