We have always wondered about how to respond to disparate needs of people, from those of the private citizen to those of companies, paying always attention to the reality of our time.
Following the implementation, by the authorities, of the obligation to show the Green Pass to access clubs, gyms, events and many other activities, we realized that the control of the latter could become a real bottleneck : a dedicated operator and the queues at the access gates can be really difficult to manage.
For this reason we have designed and implemented a fast and intuitive system for the autonomous verification of the GreenPass, both paper and electronic, both Italian and European (ministry algorithm).
AccessiC19 recognizes the QR Code shown by the user and responds to the reading with visual and audible feedback.
It is an application, produced in partnership with Videosistem, is safe (Kiosk mode), does not store data, updates itself automatically (when connected to the internet) and can also be integrated into a turnstile system for massive use.
Don’t waste time checking Green Passes, visit the dedicated website to receive all the information about.