Stazioni Marittime SpA, a leading company in the sector, for which we have already created the institutional website, chooses to continue its digital transformation with the creation of the portal for the management of access to the port area.
Until now, each access request was managed manually, by sending an email: the operators took a long time, the requests were often incomplete and there was no automatism to keep track of them.
The management system that we have created is entirely designed on the needs of the company to manage in a simple and intuitive way the flows of entry to the port area. Through the portal created by SPX Lab, the shipping companies, the suppliers and, in general, all the operators of the port can send autonomously to Stazioni Marittime the access requests to the area of its competence. Stazioni Marittime, in turn, has the possibility to approve or refuse the requests and also tu guarantee to controllers and port authority to trace in a safe way all entrances and exits from the gates.
We have provided the operators of the Port of Genoa a tool designed and built according to their needs, thus transforming an entire work process, redesigning it and introducing all the necessary automation to make it safe and as efficient as possible.