It seems impossible to make the history of our past relevant and contemporary, but SPX Lab’s immersive touch table does that too. It manages to transport stories, emotions, tales and works of art from our past into our tomorrow.
For the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno, our goal was exactly this: to make the evocative charm of this place shine even more thanks to the communicative and sensory potential of a touch screen and its technology.
So we created an application on a wall-mounted maxi touch screen that guides visitors among the different themes and thematic areas of cultural interest, being able to explore them one by one independently.
Scenic videos, photo galleries, maps of itineraries, exclusive interviews and much more can be enjoyed by the visitor directly on the touch screen, and can be navigated with simple and intuitive gestures.
The narrative of the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno is completed with visual and sound aids; the interaction with a modern surface intrigues the visitor and enriches his or her visit as well as the very experience he or she will have in this magical place of timeless memories.