We officially presented #NONPOSSOPARLARE, an initiative of the SAVE THE WOMAN project which consists in the creation of a chatbot, a digital tool, to fight domestic violence. The application was developed in synergy between innovators and experts from the Third Sector, in collaboration with Dotvocal, the two Pandora anti-violence centers in Genoa, Insieme Senza Violenza in Imperia, the Agorà Cooperative and other sector specialists that make up the Scientific Committee.
The idea was born to counter violence and give support to women, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; especially in cases where exposing yourself by telephone is complicated; a condition worsened during the Covid19 emergency lockdown. The fundraising platform is active, in order to create the chatbot and be able to translate it into 27 languages, in a translation and cultural mediation project to actually reach all women. For further information: www.nonpossoparlare.it