In the context of the TTG 2020 Travel Experience event in Rimini, from 14th to 16th October, the Unesco MIRABILIA Network has chosen Ta.Bi by SPX Lab to make its stand at the fair special. tells an interactive journey around Italy, covering over 50 stages of Mirabilia between territories, food and crafts classified under UNESCO heritage, with the support of spectacular contents which can be accessed by simply placing on the surface objects that represent the three sections into which the application is subdivided. With simple gestures, for example the rotation of the object on the surface, the visitor is guided in an immersive journey among large images, audio, descriptions, videos creating a dialogue on the screen between virtual contents and reality.

The surface recognizes the presence of a classified object, according to the "Tangible Bit" principle, where the name comes from. was born from an internal research and development project at SPX Lab in order to make surfaces intelligent and let them talk with objects, with the aim of creating an exclusive solution for companies and brands. Moreover, in such a difficult time as post-emergency, it is an element of interest and involvement to attract people in showrooms and fairs.

The event was organized by the Chambers of Commerce of the member provinces in collaboration with the PID of Genoa.