EXPORTLOUNGE is the online platform designed for the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad to connect companies seeking to offer products or services beyond national borders, including when physical presence is limited or impossible.

Designed for business-to-business economic activity in any sector, it eliminates distances and creates new business opportunities. A large advanced digital habitat to carry out the internationalization path of each company. The platform provides a virtual stand, in one or more countries, which can be customized, identifying a targeted strategy for each market, through dialogue with trade and brokerage experts from the Chambers of Commerce Abroad.

The environment allows to access emotional rooms where the company can present live services and products in a highly engaging and realistic way, upload catalogs, images and videos, create interactive showcases, interact through virtual reality and configurators.
A BMS (Business Matching Score) is assigned in order to establish the degree of compatibility and interaction between the subjects who sell and buy, hosted within the platform. Matchmaking events and appointments with buyers take place via peer to peer videoconferencing or B2B events in a virtual room to communicate with potential foreign partners.

The linguistic assistance of simultaneous translators is always provided. The activity and performance within the platform are monitored by matching and interaction analytics, to make the company's experience increasingly advantageous.