Me Connects for the event Biennale Bastapoco Onlus

Friday 11 October SPX Lab was at the charity event "Biennale Bastapoco Onlus", with ME Connects. The charity event designed to promote the 'biennial' calendar 2020/2021, featured works of 'living' art and famous protagonists from cult films, all represented by the volunteers of the Bastapoco Onlus Association. ME Connects combined fun with charity, gathering many people and giving away the printed photo: giving a frame to the 'living' paintings and inviting people to book and personalize their calendar.


CX Now 2019: SPX Lab' focus on marketing automation and infotainment systems

Massimiliano Margarone CEO of SPX Lab spoke at the smart retail fair, CX Now 2019, with a speech on "Marketing Automation and infotainment systems".Held in Milan, the event that brings together operators of digital services and technologies, was an opportunity for discussion, to deepen and bring attention to the importance of the customer experience. SPX Lab was present at the event with the ME Connects project, the marketing automation tool that combines fun and marketing for an innovative way of doing business.

A year of Market Think Days SPX Lab

The October edition of the Market Think Days event took place on October 7th. The persuasion of neuromarketing in the sales process was the main focus of this new edition, which marked a year after the format was born. Rosella Scalone, Marketing Strategy Specialist of SPX Lab, gave a speech on "Neuromarketing and customer experience", highlighting how a multi-sensory experience in the consumer can lead the customer to purchase. Elisa Garfagna, Account Manager of Radio Personalizzata, subsequently gave an intervention on the importance of music in retail marketing, highlighting the true strength of music: the ability to leverage emotions. 

Market Think Days: emotions and strategies during the sales process

New projects, networking, confrontation between people, an innovative way to experience marketing and the emotions connected to it. The Market Think Days format is one year old, during which we have connected realities, started collaborations, shown new projects and told about the thousands of ways in which digital is linked to physical places. Next 7 October will be held the new edition, with new interesting topics under discussion, continuing to provide new tools and bring value, growth and opportunities for innovation in the territory.

SPX LAB at the "More Event" Cocktail Party

"Innovation almost always precedes the reflection on aesthetic canons, and it's the first step towards a path of new beauty"
Massimiliano Margarone, CEO of SPX Lab.

Aesthetic research pushes innovation to take a new path to build a path that is new, useful but above all attractive. Theme of the event, organized by Good Style Mag, was indeed the mutual relationship between innovation and beauty, a topic also discussed in the last editorial dedicated to SPX Lab' vision, citing Mirò and brands such as Tesla and Signoretto Lampadari. A perfect atmosphere the one of the Milan Fashion Week, which was the backdrop for the cocktail party in the enchanting setting of the Hotel Principe Savoia in Milan. Partner of the evening distinguished luxury brands:

Il Salotto di Milano Luxury Experience
Misha Wallcoverings
Marchesi Antinori
Frequenza Grafica
Clive Christian


SPX Lab for the organization and promotion of Marina Wedding Day.

SPX Lab oversaw the communication of the first edition of the Marina Wedding Day event: the glamorous event dedicated to the wedding field, organized in collaboration with the Marina di Loano Yachting club, took place last 15th of September of the Marina di Loano. The event was attended by over 30 professionals from the wedding sector. Among the guest: Elena Ballerini, Simone Gandolfo and Anna Francisco,the world-renowned wedding planner.

ME Connects for the project Crescere in Digitale

Crescere in Digitale, literally "Growing Digital" is the project promoted by Punto Impresa Digitale of Camera di Commercio of Genoa in collaboration with Google Italy, with the aim of spreading digital skills and offering opportunities for professional growth to young people under 30. The event renamed as "Digital Night”, took place last September 12th in Piazza delle Erbe. ME Connects, whith a simple click lets you collect data for digital marketing campaigns.

SPX Lab at the STHML Tech in Stockholm

SPX Lab was present at the STHLM Tech Festival in Stockholm. The event, held from the 7th to 11th of September, brought together startups and innovators active on the world scene to discuss opportunities and new development perspectives in the hi tech world, with an open focus on design, cyber security, artificial intelligence and innovation.

Innovation: origin of a new beauty

People cultivate beauty in their lifetime, to create something memorable and relate to others. Innovation is something from which beauty takes inspiration, to bring out its essence, always original and unexpected. SPX Lab through the contamination between art, design, ergonomics and hi tech, has designed Mirò: a new concept of mirror. An object of common use, equipped with discrete and invisible technologies, to undertake new path of beauty.
Good Style Mag #10 Massimiliano Margarone - Innovation: origin of a new beauty 

Market Think Days: the importance of the "Customer Experience" in the sales process

The September edition of the Market Think Days made protagonist the emotional involvement of the customer as a key step during the purchasing phases. The workshop dedicated to the world of Marketing Automation, held by Rosella Scalone (SPX Lab Marketing Strategist Specialist), focused its attention on effects and approaches to customer interaction between customer and products. It involves the consumer causing him to create a deeper bond and better define the solution to his needs.