TO-Asean: new opportunities in the eastern hub

SPX Lab CEO Massimiliano Margarone, was present at the To-Asean business event held in Turin last June 17th. Forum that brings together public and private actors, to reflect on opportunities for business development and cooperation, offered by the South East Asian markets in terms of innovation and new technologies. The event was attended by important figures in the Eastern market, such as the Ambassador of Vietnam, the Ambassador of Thailand and Michele D'Ercole, President of the Italy-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce (ICHAM).

Jazz'Inn, innovation out of the common places

Last weekend ended the first edition of the Jazz’inn Festival in Laigueglia. SPX Lab, official partner of the Ampioraggio Foundation, was co-organizer of the event that aimed to innovate, adding musical influences and rediscovering the value of an ancient village like Laigueglia. In the morning, the format included work tables lasting 1 hour in which companies, public and private bodies met, to exchange ideas, share knowledge and their knowledge to develop useful projects to meet the needs and requirements of the community. The afternoon session was dedicated at the time of the release: phase in which the work groups meet in the open, presenting and reporting on the agreed projects, accompanied by notes of jazz music. Among the topics discussed in this edition: the value conferred on sustainable mobility of cities; the enhancement of minor territorial areas, creativity, culture and tourism in favor of the development of open innovation and big data.

Concept and developement of a marketing experience: Market Think Days (2)

SPX Lab hosted the new edition of Market Think Days. The event now in its eighth edition has focused the spotlight on the design of a marketing experience in the store; held by Rosella Scalone, Marketing Strategy Specialist at SPX Lab, the event involved marketing and social media professionals with experts in the fashion, tourism and luxury sectors. In a changing market opening up to new territories, it is necessary to be able to generate and move a new market segment: Smart retail. Therefore, we aim to perfect the offer, presenting an increasingly targeted response to customer needs.

Rome, Ampioraggio presented Jazz'Inn

Ampioraggio Foundation was received in Rome at the council chamber of the parliamentary groups; SPX Lab, one of the official partners, was present at the event. Designed to bring together all the companies that cooperate in the creation of a competitive technological development model, the meeting was the occasion for the presentation of the Jazz'Inn events, the first appointment in Laigueglia and that among the topics discussed technological innovations and will include sustainable mobility.

Massimiliano Margarone SPX Lab CEO, meets Becamex to discuss new collaborations in ICT

The connection policy with the markets of South East Asia, pushes SPX Lab to turn its gaze towards the new perspectives in the ICT field. Massimiliano Margarone CEO of SPX Lab, participated in the meeting with Becamex held in Binh Duong. Promoted by the Italian Chamber of Commerce Abroad Association (ICHAM), the event is part of the Vietnam Design Week (VMARK) held in Vietnam from May 17th to 20th, it was an opportunity to discuss the sustainability of cities by designing new routes and future collaborations in the ICT sector.

SPX Lab, icon of Made in Italy in Vietnam

SPX Lab is increasingly affirming itself in South-East Asia, tracing a new concept of Made in Italy. Opening channels and new connections with foreign markets by building synergies. This is why SPX Lab has decided to take the "path of innovation", entering among the main European companies of the ICHAM channel. Vietnam, the second hub in the Southeast Asian market for economic growth, is a mature territory to promote new projects and trace business strategies in which: innovation and luxury design meet, generating values and offering new possible solutions. For SPX Lab, investing in innovation policies means designing a new concept of Made in Italy in the world, building new scenarios of action in which research and development create a smart company conveying new perspectives, outside physical and mental boundaries.

ME Connects, star at the Genoa Half Marathon

UBI Banca, thanks to the collaboration with Smart Sport Srl, has chosen ME Connects for its promotion in the context of the sports event Half Marathon of Genoa (12-14 April 2019). ME Connects, SPX Lab's selfie-marketing machine, entertained the public and participants with the event selfies, combining engagement and new marketing strategies all in one click.

Marketing automation experience: a new way of conceiving your business strategy

On April 15th the new edition of Market Think Days took place in the creative laboratory of SPX Lab. The event, now in its sixth edition, saw the participation of various professionals and entrepreneurs. Held by Rosella Scalone, marketing strategy advisory of SPX Lab, the workshop includes a marketing experience on: company product know-how, marketing strategies related to the knowledge of the target audience and implementation strategies for lead generation. The new edition of the marketing experience workshop has already been set for May 6th.

Connections for new models and ways of doing business

On 10 April, Spx Lab presented the project ME Connects at the Pacific Fort Hotel in Turin. With the presence of a large number of A.D.A members, the event marks the beginning of the collaboration between Spx lab and the local association of hotel managers (A.D.A. Piemonte-Valle D’Aosta). The meeting highlighted the importance of the role of Me connects in the field of marketing automation, as an important tool for creating loyalty and developing new strategies for tourism and cultural activities.

Linkedin: professionals' favourite social network

On April 6th, the Spx lab communication team participated in the Linkedin plus training course held by the Social Selling Specialist Mirko Saini, as part of our ongoing growth programs. The important update day took place at the Palazzo della Borsa in Genoa. Many participants attended the event: many local professionals in communication, marketing and new technologies. The same were involved in a didactic path, concerning the communication strategies in use, for the creation of a professional social profile. Confident of the importance of the training event, our participation demonstrates the continuous propensity of our team to implement new and important skills.