Birth of a new application, Albonext

For managing the information flow of Professional Associations, SPX Lab creates Albonext, the first fully automated application on Cloud. The first module is an application for attendence registration, which will be used for the first time during RED2016 events.

BizON, our new matching application

BizON, our new matching application is now online. It has been introduced for the very first time at Best Practice Award in Salerno. Thanks to a new matching system, it easily helps visitors during an event to get in touch with each others, in order to facilitate new business opportunities.

Won the tender for Portofino Park Authority

Won the tender for the enhancement of the Portofino Park. SPX LAB, in partnership with XeniaCreative, will create a new generation app that will accompany visitors along the trails of the park, rich in digital content, interactive routes and integrated geolocation service.