The format made in SPX Lab, MARKET THINK DAYS, was repeated during the month of November, on Monday 12th. The meeting included a showcase of our products, through a path designed to coordinate perfectly with the workshop on data flow, conversions, online and offline marketing held by our Marketing Strategy Advisor. Discussions, presentations and networking, to restore value to the physical place through digital marketing campaigns and strategies.

ME The Selfie Machine in Alassio for When We Were Kids

On Saturday October 6th ME The Selfie Machine has involved people and taken selfies at the most famous end of summer party in the Riviera di Ponente: When We Were Kids; a format that took place for its second edition this year. In concert some of the greatest names of the 70/80s music, gourmet tastings and a showcooking by the chef Ernst Knam, guest and protagonist who took his selfie from the event. Partners of the event Wineries Franciacorta, Noberasco and major brands, for an evening of culinary excellence and fun.

X2 is out now, the new modular structure of ME The Selfie Machine

ME The Selfie Machine, the powerful marketing tool that combines fun and promotion strategies, has updated its structure.
X2 has been launched, a vertical structure divided in two modules to make assembly, disassembly and movement easier during events and fairs.
While maintaining the combination of materials, hand-crafted wood for aesthetics and robust metal in the skeleton, ME is now lighter and more stable, thanks to the new design of the foot, which draws an X, characterizing the design of the latest generation totem.
The excellence made in Italy as a guarantee of quality and the best hardware for technology work together for an even more extraordinary yield.

Mirò, star of the Cocktail Party, at the Hotel Principe di Savoia, in-between gold and magic

The official presentation of Mirò, the party organized in partnership with the luxury magazine Goodstyle, was a success.
In the lively atmosphere of Milan fashion week, the 'magic mirror', displayed in the spectacular Sala Veranda of the Hotel Principe di Savoia, has made all the guests fall in love with its never-before-seen features and its elegant and modern style. During the Mirò Fashion Show, where some models paraded and interacted with 'the mirror beyond reflection', Lisa Galantini, a Genoese actress, held the speech; a dreamy moment that unveiled the characteristics of Mirò, real protagonist of the evening.
At the exclusive Cocktail Party there were some important brands from the luxury sector, such as Auleum, the Golden Oil that has delighted those present with a dedicated show cooking and dishes; and even Maserati and Lamborghini.
We kindly thank the participants at the event, we are proud of the success of the evening and eager to show you more about this incredible project. 

the launch of Mirò during Milano Fashion Week at the Hotel Principe di Savoia

On September 19th, in the scenic and prestigious setting of the 5 stars Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan, the Cocktail Party "About A Woman"will be held: a gala evening that will be the background for the launch of Mirò, our new High Tech Interior Design product.
The event organized in partnership with the luxury magazine Good Style Mag will see guests from all over the world, as well as some exclusive guest stars, such as Auleum The Golden Oil, and Maserati.
The event will have a focus on design and fashion, tracing the glamorous atmosphere of Milan Fashion Week.


On the 3rd, 4th and 5th of October it will be hold the MARKET-THINK DAYS, a new format that includes three days to get to know our company, participate in the showcase of our products and attend the free workshop on data collection, lead generation and strategies to create campaigns that convert your audience into customers. All of this among networking around a brunch. 

Free training course to promote the activities which suffered damages from the collapse of Morandi bridge

SPX Lab offers its experience in the social marketing field in order to help in the commercial activities and the companies that have suffered damages from the collapse of the Morandi bridge. SPX Lab has organized at this concern a free training day to be held on October 8th from 9am to 1pm in the Market-Think Days context. Contact us to get the voucher (up to 20 seats available)

SPX Lab, lecture sul 'Valore del Brand' alla Summer School of Floricolture (2)

On September 5th SPX Lab will hold an intervention at the eighth edition of the "Summer School of Floriculture" which will take place at the Floriseum, home of the Sanremo Flower Museum and in Albenga from September 3rd to until September 6th.
The initiative is organized by SOI, the Italian Society of Orthoflorofruit, with the collaboration of the Disafa, Department of the University of Turin, the Regional Institute for Floriculture in Sanremo and the Research Center in Horticulture and Gardening in Sanremo.
The school is meant to deepen the theme of innovations on cultivation techniques, branding and marketing strategies around the flower growing and gardening sector; the lecture will be held by Rosella Scalone, Marketing Strategy Advisor of SPX Lab, who will talk about the value of the brand and the strategies around digital solutions.

ME The Selfie Machine in Denmark for Hempel at SWC

From July 2nd to August 12th ME The Selfie Machine will be active for Hempel in Aarhus in Denmark; at the International event Sailing World Championship.
For the occasion, a new feature was developed: the possibility to take a selfie with the official Mascotte silhouette or to insert one's face in the frame of an official photo from the competition; option that collects great engagement especially among the youngest.
ME The Selfie Machine affirm itself abroad as a great marketing and entertainment tool, especially during exhibition contexts, with features that are continuously updated according to customer needs and context.

SPX Lab in Stocholm for Ampioraggio

On September 5th we will be guests of the Italian Embassy in Sweden on the occasion of the STCHLM TECH FEST 2018, opportunity to bring together the Swedish ecosystem of innovation with the Ampioraggio Foundation and try to create bridges between northern and southern Europe, generate synergies and collaborations on development issues. There will be guests such as  the Innovative Services Group of Confindustria Basilicata, TIM (JOL of Catania), Destination Italy, the Municipality of Guardia Sanframondi (European City of WIne 2019) and the Municipality of Rome.
Our CEO, Massimiliano Margarone will be present at the event as a member of the Ampioraggio Foundation.