Me The Selfie Machine for Moodart and Terranova, transforming promotion into an experience

Me The Selfie Machine, the promotion and marketing tool, is enjoying great success by establishing itself as an icon of Smart Retail, thanks to its customizable features and the intuitive and effective use that involves and abducts users. Among the latest results we count the collaboration with MoodArt, the Fashion School based in Verona, which chose Me to promote its courses to the Job & Orienta event; and the Italian fashion brand Terranova from the Teddy chain, in collaboration with Empresa Creativa, which wanted to permanently install Me The Selfie Machine inside its first Concept Store: the 'Terranova Island', a space dedicated to the entertainment of consumers and the training of the administrative staff, inaugurated last December 8th at the Terranova Store in Pesaro.
Me The Selfie Machine aims to involve users in a fun and interactive experience, yet focusing on the needs of the brand, allowing to collect useful data for new marketing campaigns.

SPX Lab and H-Farm: a new collaboration

We are proud to announce a new collaboration with H-Farm, in partnership with two other leading Italian companies in the high-tech sector: we will inaugurate an innovative War Room: a Conference Room 2.0, for the second half of December. We will keep you updated on the development of the project.


The Vietnamese Ambassador visits SPX Lab

On November 14th the Ambassador of Vietnam, who was in Genoa fulfilling representative duties, wanted to pay homage to SPX Lab since he couldn't attend the Gold Event Experience held in Hanoi. 
Right before visiting the Mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci and the President of the Liguria region Giovanni Toti, the Vietnamese ambassador was received by our company during the opening day of the Open Week to show him our creative laboratory and our products. Following the excitement for Tabi's performance at the presentation of Auleum , the Vietnamese authority showed interests for our other products, such as Me The Selfie Machine
This visit confirms the consensus reached in Vietnam, a crossroads of success between the genoese technological avant-garde and the Ligurian food project.



From November 13th to November 17th SPX LAB opens its doors to the public and offers the opportunity to know the company, its products, and their functions. It will be possible to discover innovative tools such as Me The Selfie Machine, that lets you take selfies and share them in order to boost engagement on social networks and gather useful data to pinpoint potential targets for future marketing campaigns, and Ta.Bi, the interactive surface which recognizes the product by just touching it and describes features and history throughout video, sounds, and images; a real sensory experience through which you can expose your own product. To attend the event, you need to make an appointment by sending an email at indicating the day you prefer.


Me The Selfie Machine at Olioliva Imperia 2017

SPX LAB announces a new successful collaboration: from November 10th to November 12th Me The Selfie Machine was at Olioliva Imperia 2017, the event which promotes the Ligurian agro-food excellence. The event counted hundreds of visitors who wanted to witness their presence by taking a photo and participating in the contest launched for the occasion "Sei Olio? Sei Oliva?"; an initiative that has gathered over three hundred shots and more than a thousand likes and sharing on social networks.
The presence of Me was fundamental: succeeding in engaging participants and amusing adults and children, Me has created visibility and engagement on social networks with a total coverage of 30,000 people on the event page, transforming visitors into the testimonial of one of the main events for promotion of the Ligurian territory and its products.



Me The Selfie Machine at Abiogen Pharma

On November 10th, the pharmaceutical company Abiogen Pharma held an event in partnership with Aristea to celebrate the company's twenty years, choosing our product Me The Selfie Machine to entertain more than three hundred guests. The event recorded an average of fifty clicks per hour: guests could capture their presence by taking a selfie and bringing home their own photo, thanks to the instant printing option.
Me The Selfie Machine, a powerful marketing tool, it's declinable perfectly for all kinds of celebrations, setting itself as the perfect entertainment to propose during your events.


Ta.Bi at the "Gold Experience Event" in Hanoi

For the "Gold Experience Event" event in Hanoi, SPX Lab was partner of Auleum, The Golden Oil and ambassador of Italian excellence and creativity. This inaugural evening, which celebrates the launch on the South-East Asian market of this luxurious product, was held in the magnificent PT Casa showroom. The magic of Auleum conqueres overseas: the table, with its completely Italian design, fascinated the illustrious guests of the event. integrates an innovative object recognition system that gives the user an unforgettable experience. From today SPX Lab and Genoa are officially in Vietnam.

SPX Lab in Vietnam

We are ready to move to Vietnam in the context of a Made in Italy mission, coordinated by Auleum, the golden oil. Today, the first official meeting between SPX Lab, Mega 3 and PTCasa was held in Genoa. SPX Lab will present its innovative projects on the application of high tech to interior design. At the "Gold Exeperience Event", which will take place on October 19th in Hanoi at the showroom PTCasa, will participate the representatives of the Italian Embassy in Hanoi, the President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, Dr. D'Ercole, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and many institutional representatives, entrepreneurs and buyers.

Savona Half Marathon 2017

Finally the three-day event dedicated to fitness and wellness is back in Savona. During Savona Half Marathon 2017, thousands of visitors participeted. Someone with his family or with his four-legged friend, someone else with his personal trainer or training partners. Everybody was proud to say "I was there too".
ME The Selfie Machine ensured great fun for everybody: houndreds of selfies were taken and houndreds of sensitive data were collected. ME has increased traffic to social pages of the organisation and generated engagement, attractivness and great fun. Whoever participated became testimonial of the competition. All the collected data will be available for next year edition: invitations, newsletters and reminders will be send to the participants.

57th Genoa International Boat Show

For Saver Imbarcazioni at the International Boat Show of Genoa, we have design and built a new model of Costumer Experience. Visitors of fairs and shows have many needs. They need to witness their participation, to receive information material and above all they need to keep-up-date and rember the brand seen during their visit.
Me The Selfie Machine does all that and even more.
ME takes selfie of visitors and sends immediatly the shot at their email adress. At the same time, attached to the message, ME sends online catalogues, special offers end promotions. A postacard with a discount can be also given on the spot to the visitor. All shots can be published directly on the company's social channels, increasing followers, sharing and engagement. Valuable informations about visitors are also collected and ready to be used for future marketing campains.