ME The Selfie Machine at Disco Flower event

The party of the year "Disco Flower" organized by the non-profit association Basta Poco, has been a huge success and gained a powerful social network rebound thanks to Me The Selfie Machine. Hundreds of people of all ages have accepted the challenge: take a selfie with selfie, sharing it live on Facebook and become testimonial of the association. ME's marketing and engagement action has reached impressive numbers in just a few hours: more than 300 selfies shared, 40000 views and 10% more like on the Facebook's association page. And all thanks to a simple "click".

Turism 2.0: the solution is ME The Selfie Machine

At the event "BIM Project - University Hostel" organized by the Municipality of Savona in the ancient Sala del Sibilla of Priamar fortress, ME The Selfie Machine welcomed the guests by giving everyone a unique souvenir of the day. A digital postcard with the selfie was sent live by mail to the user.
ME has shown how it could also be a powerful marketing tool for Tourism 2.0. Postcard shared with friends or on the social networks, creates direct visibility for the organization and the territory, while at the same time colleting sensitive data of visitors .

Grand opening of the new Kasanova store with ME, The Selfie Machine

Today took place the grand Opening of a new Kasanova store in Varese, Piazza XX Settembre. ME, The Selfie Machine of SPX LAB has been the protagonist of this event, in his single-screen version fully customized for the occasion.
 Over 100 selfie taken by the first visitors to prove the great success of this historic Italian brand. For each one of them a free postcard with a discount code to be used during their next visit to the store.

ME The Selfie Machine at Basta Poco Festival

From 16th to 18th June at Garlenda (Savona), ME The Selfie Machine was the protagonist of the Bastapoco Festival, organized by BastaPoco Onlus, a non-profit association that supports cancer patients and their families.
Hundreds of participants alternated on the three days of party, shooting Selfie as a reminder of the event. Each photo was shared (in full respect of the privacy rules) live on the social page of the organizers generating traffic, engagement and great movement.
We have lent Me to the organizers for charity, sharing the goals of this event and demonstrating at the same time that ME The Selfie Machine adds great value to a social initiative of collective interest, promoting its values and making it even more popular

The winners of Partecipa Digitale

Let's find out who are the winners of Partecipa Digitale, a competition of Associazioone Open Genova for civic projects in digital key for wich we have been sponser and our CEO Massimiliano Margarone a jury member.
Info Lanterna con Beacon to equip the Lanterna area with a comunication system for visitors throw dedicated web pages, Web app - Bimbi a basso impatto sharing economy project applied to consumers good for children and Charge the City - Carichiamo i nostri smartphone for the realization of charging torrets in the city for mobile phones. Special Under 30 Prize to Don Basco with Orientamento Scolastico Online.

For more information visit the dedicated websites or read the article from BizJournal Liguria.

Industry 4.0

The Industry 4.0 Italian Ministerial Plan is a great opportunity for all companies that want to seize the opportunities associated with the fourth industrial revolution: the Plan provides a set of organic and complementary measures that can foster investment for innovation and competitiveness .

Through our consultants and specialists, we are able to partner with any company, industry or istitution in this path by providing a full service to access these funds and facilities.

Lyrica, SPX LAB Business Unit

Lyrica, SPX LAB Business Unit, is born as a project of internationalization as a response of the growing need of the company to attend foreing markets.
Lyrica collaborates with export experts and skillful sales people as well as international law experts with deep knowledge of both local and international business dynamics. 
We are currently operating in Dubai, Hong Kong and Moscow, Macau and Vietnam.

ME The Selfie Machine for a National Spinning Event

In the magnificent Piazza San Carlo in Turin, we have participated to a spinning marathon lasting more than 7 hours.
Hundreds of participants from all over Italy have cycled to the music on 150 bikes placed in the historic centre of the town.
Great enthusiasm and a prestigious stage were the ingredients of this big success. Dozens of selfies of participants were taken every hour, embracing friends, instructors or other guests. Everyone used his email adress to get this unique souvenir of the day.

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Big success at Smart retail Now 2017

Last Tuesday it was a busy day at the Smart Retail Now 2017. Main sponsor of the event, we have impressed our guess with ME The Selfie Machine in two versions, single-screen and dual-screen. Our CEO, Massimiliano Margarone, gave a speech about how we have tranformed this apparently playfull product, in a direct marketing tool. Having fun is the best way to keep user's attention up untill the availability of the data and to collect as more information as possible. ME, the winning solution that we propose for retail chians, is scalable and can be placed in different places: all analytics wil be aggregated in a single control pannel.

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