The November edition of Market Think Days

It was held today the SPX Lab appointment to grow your business and transform your contacts into customers.
During this edition of our event, we talked about about metaverse, customer experience and strategies, data collection and management and we discussed how to organize a campaign that converts users into real costumers. We have described different marketing tool and we have submitted to our public real examples and case histories.
Think smart, think marketing!

ME Connects at EIMA 2022 for INDEMAR

From October 9th to 13th, ME Connects  will be active at the EIMA 2022 , one of the most important international trade show in Bologna, Italy of Machinery for Agriculture and Gardening
At the INDEMAR Industriale booth Booth 20, B31 you can take a free selfie and participate in the survey: you will receive your picture and the new INDEMAR catalog by email.
ME Connects is the solution for your events: a single tool to entertain, gather new contacts, entertain and create engagement to your brand.

A success for the round table "A regola d'arte"

The round table "A regola d'arte" of the Festival della Scienza has just taken place in Genova.
Many S+T+ARTS international experts joined the event as speakers: Ralph Dum, Vincenzo Napolano, Antonio Camurri, Maria Grazia Mattei, Maurizia Rebola, Paolo Naldini, Beatrice De Gelder.
The event has been followed by many people, including the Director of the Science Festival Fulvia Mangili, that introduced the event, and the Chairman Marco Pallavicini.
This has been the fourth edition of S+T+Arts Talks in Genoa, the initiatives on the multidisciplinary approach science, technology, arts in Genoa, this time included in the main panels of the Festival.

SPX Lab promotes Gender Equality Certification

It was a long, beautiful day, the one we spent in the beautiful setting of Villa Migone in Genoa meeting experts and local companies who enthusiastically joined the initiative Grow in parity supported by us and coaudiuvata in the organization
Save the Woman increasingly committed not only on the ground of combating violence against women, but also on that of female empowerment and inclusion is proud to have organized this event to tell the great opportunity for growth and equity that represents the new certification of gender equality. We had the opportunity to listen to the major national experts on the topic and the dialogue with companies was animated by great curiosity and interest. An interest that reflects the opening of our corporate fabric to a theme, that of a more just and inclusive labour market, that is urgently faced and that today, thanks to the new certification, we have the opportunity to start to make reality. Save the Woman thanks all the people, companies, and experts who took turns: (list of interventions) and the artist... who wanted to be present at the event with his extraordinary work (opera name), reminding us that not the fight against violence, to win his battle he must proceed on the level of assistance to the victims, but even earlier on the level of social emancipation and cultural change, all elements that in the wonderful day of Growing in gender equality, we saw merging and giving us a vision of a new hope. Thanks again to everyone present.

S+T+ARTS Talks in Genova 2022

The S+T+ARTS Talks in Genova event on Art, Innovation and Technology returns on October 31th, 2022.
This year we are officially part of the Festival Della Scienza and the event will be held in the form of a panel discussion entitled "A Regola d'Arte" at the Sala del Maggior Consiglio, Palazzo Ducale in Genoa at 6:30 pm.
Prestigious names of this year's international speakers, to name a few: Ralph Dum, Maria Grazia Mattei, Beatrice De Gelder and Antonio Camurri.
Don't miss this event: info and registration here.

Online the new website for Start 4.0 Competence Center

For the realization of the site we focused on the needs of the user while browsing. The "user experience" mode provides ease of navigation thanks to different modes of reading and access to information and visit. The aspects and areas of the Competence Centre were also given great importance.
Start 4.0 is one of the 8 Italian Competence Centers, created by the Ministry of Economic Development within the Industry 4.0 national plan: The mission is to train and Awareness 4.0 to launch and accelerate innovative projects and technological development in the field of security of strategic infrastructure (port, energy, transport, water, production).
Visiti the new website Starts 4.0

SPX Lab at Luxe Pack Monaco 2022

We will be at Luxe Pack Monaco, a showcase event about tomorrow’s trends, with an innovative and engaging APP simulator for smartphones, to show visitors to the fair on a large LCD screen (55").
The simulator interfacing with an NFC reader recognizes by means of adhesive sensors applied to products the authenticity of a garment, in real time.
The project was realized in collaboration with our partner Video Sistem.

Second edition of MKT Days 2022

The edition of July of our Market Think Days event ended and was a success.
Many companies attended to learn about the new digital tools. We talked about online and offline marketing strategies,  and metaverse and digital transformation. The event took place at SPXLAB and was a great opportunity for companies to learn about new technologies and digital tools. The event was divided into two parts; the first part focused on strategic marketing training and the second on knowledge of new digital tools.

The new Ricci Engineering portal is online

Today the portal practical management of the study Ricci Engineering s.r.l is now online.
The portal allows the studio and its network of experts to be able to start and follow customer practices in a more efficient and simplified way, concentrating in a single system the updating of activities, divided into an intuitive step-by-step flow.
Through this portal, the experts of the study will be able to update the status of the live practices, including all the data of the customer and the individual project.