START 4.0 Training and Education: the new portal for managers and companies

The Start 4.0 Training and education Platform - Competence Center is now online. Start 4.0 is a business support center, which promotes constant updating in the scenario of innovation and new technologies. The project we are collaborating on concerns the development and implementation of a platform that manages the training and education offer for managers, professionals and companies.
The portal gathers the information, and simplify the purchase and booking of courses and professionalizing activities on the calendar.
The courses can be booked or purchased, the initiatives encourage lifelong learning, necessary during this period of continuous digital transformation.
We invite you to visit the platform:

Stazioni Marittime: the restyling of the website

Stazioni Marittime S.p.A has chosen SPX Lab for the construction of the new institutional site. The website has been updated with a new graphic layout and dynamic and responsive elements, for a better performance from all devices, and the user flow and the UX have been studied in depth to allow both tourists and operators to browse the contents and information in a clear and intuitive way.
Stazioni Marittime is an important reality in the Ligurian territory, a fundamental crossroads of ferry and cruise traffic due to its position and the vastness of its itineraries and tourist offer.
The website aims to be an information gathering point for passengers and cruise passengers and operators, and at the same time a showcase of the fascinating architectural and artistic heritage that the Genoa Maritime Station boasts. Here the link:

TEDX Genoa - Genius Loci: Rosella Scalone presents Auleum

On Saturday the event was broadcast in live streaming: GENIUS LOCI | TEDxGenova 2021, completely virtual for the first time.
Among the speakers on stage Rosella Scalone, Special Project Expert of SPX Lab who told how she created and positioned the luxury brand Auleum Gold Olive Oil 23kt, retracing the history from the birth of the brand in search of the elements that make it precious. The protagonist of the intervention was the enhancement of our territory and its excellence, from raw materials to craftsmanship, a perfect alchemy that has brought Auleum to Vietnam.


The Libro D'Oro by Michelangelo Pistoletto transformed into a 3D model for the project INTER-CH

A new step was held yesterday for the INTER-CH research project in collaboration with CNR Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche and Museo Ceramica Savona, of which SPX Lab is a technological partner.
The work "Il Libro D'Oro" by the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto, dedicated to the Third Paradise and part of the permanent collection of the Savona Ceramics Museum, was subjected to photogrammetric acquisition, to obtain texture and volume, in a faithful reconstruction in 3D for virtual reality and augmented reality implementations.
The model will be developed to feed the visual content inside the Ta.Bi interactive table, in an interface that combines physical objects and augmented reality, under development since 2019. The aim of the project is the enhancement of the artistic heritage through the use of digital solutions, in this case of the work Terzo Paradiso by Maestro Pistoletto. We thank Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto and the restorer Barbara Checcucci for their collaboration.

Internet for human resilience and solidarity

Unite and head of UN DESA, during the meeting of the Internet Governance Forum held in November entitled “Internet for human resilience and solidarity”. "These include the digital economy, digital finance, digital governance, digital health and digital education."
"Indeed, many governments and businesses have already turned to digital platforms and digital solutions. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed digital fragilities and divisions that have been developing for too long," he added.
With half the global population locked up and 90% of students remotely at some point in 2020, the internet has become our classroom, our workplace, our meeting space, and even our dance floor. It is everyone's commitment to ensure that the Internet continues to connect us and not separate us. With this goal in 2020 we have created a further turning point in this sense, designing and implementing projects aimed at specifically overcoming this gap, from Exportlounge for Italian exports around the world, to DISTRETTO20 for the enhancement of proximity trade, to NONPOSSOPARLARE against gender-based violence that led to the creation of the Save the Woman Association. Projects in full launch phase, which with the support of our partners will enter the maturity phase in 2021.Follow our newsletter:

EXPORTLOUNGE: the latest interview on Il Bollettino to Massimiliano Margarone

"Not a market place, but a virtual place to do business". In the interview on Il Bollettino, Massimiliano Margarone, CEO of SPX Lab talked about the EXPORTLOUNGE platform, a virtual bridge between companies and internationalization. EXPORTLOUNGE is the online platform created to implement an internationalization path for SMEs, the result of strategic cooperation with the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad that support companies during every phase, from bureaucratic to marketing and commercial, to ensure optimal results for companies open to new markets. To find out more:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Spx Lab

It has been a difficult year, which we will bear the marks of for a long time, a year that pushed anyone to find creative solutions to dramatic and emergency situations, a year that forced us to see beyond, how figureheads look at what sailorsthey cannot watch. Never before has digital had such an important role as this year, pushing innovation in the sector about five years forward: it is a responsibility that we have also felt ours. From the first moment we tried to understand how we could make our contribution through technology, so we gave birth in 2020 to three projects: ExportLOUNGE, in support of foreign trade, DISTRETTO20, in support of retail trade, NONPOSSOPARLARE, contra gender violence, developed thanks to the collaboration of wonderful partners and the daily effort of our staff. A huge thanks to everyone.

DISTRETTO20: the app for the genoese local shops

DISTRETTO20 was officially launched. DISTRETTO20 is an application we have been working on since the last lockdown, in collaboration with Netalia, ASCOM Genova and the network of Genoese stores Federmoda Confcommercio. The application allows retailers to create a showcase space with a focus on products and update customers with stories, live content and videos; moreover, the customer can video call the shop assistant to be supported during the purchase phase, so as to maintain the human relationship even in moments of reduced movements, lockdowns and closures. To find out more and download the app:

EXPORTLOUNGE e Legalmondo: two innovative tools to support the export made in Italy

The webinar born from the collaboration between the ExportLOUNGE platform and Legalmondo, a network of lawyers supporting the internationalization of companies and SMEs, was held today. The exports to South East Asia were also analyzed, in order to propose growth opportunities in an area in continuous development. The webinar is aimed at Italian companies, with the aim of seizing business opportunities, in collaboration with business partners such as ICHAM (Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam), and accessing legal services and consultancy on contracts all over the world. In order to see the live streaming, HERE is the link to the live on the ExportLOUNGE Facebook channel.

EXPORTLOUNGE: official sponsor of the General Assembly CdO Liguria

The General Assembly "Present to the future! 20 years of presence for the good of all" was held on Thursday 26 November, this year an anniversary that coincides with the twentieth anniversary of the Cdo Liguria. We supported the event as a sponsor with Exportlounge, an exclusive digital lounge created to connect B2B supply and demand through the intermediation of Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad. Here is the link to watch the event streamed from YouTube.