SPX Lab part of the team BackOnTrack App against Covid-19

SPX Lab becomes part of a team of companies for the creation of an app to control the spread of COVID-19, merging some principles of an internal idea into a larger project, involving user experience, communication and architecture highly scalable app/server. A federation of applications monitored by the central government is expected to be developed in the coming weeks, we do hope to join this cluster; together with the fundamental contributions of Netalia, To Be srl, Beta 80 Group, Italtel and Helpy.

SPX Lab lamong the companies at the virtual event 1 Year in 1 Day

SPX Lab was present among the companies, at the meeting organized by the Polytechnic School of the University of Genoa "1 Year in 1 Day": one-year of interviews in one day. The event, held remotely because of the recent shut down, was an opportunity for students and graduates to confront with leading companies and evaluate job opportunities, during the Covid19 emergency.

An app to monitor and study the Covid19 spread

We have tried to make our contribution as UX and IT applications designers, developing a vertical project idea on COVID-19, which fits into the spectrum of digital systems that are now being developed to contain contagions. We make it public hoping that it can be a starting point for help: the project is a simple and intuitive mobile application, useful for collecting data to measure the spread of Covid19. The application plans to be used as a movement monitoring tool to combat the pandemic, and will be complete with a visualization dashboard for operators who are containing the virus in the latest hours. The project will be presented today to the competent authorities if they find it useful. SPX Lab has chosen to address the main need of this emergency and try to help analyze the unexpected emergency situation; focusing on effectiveness for operators, ease of use and total respect for user privacy.

TEDx Genova - Genius Loci: the entrepreneurial story of Auleum

The TED X Genova Genius Loci event, the independent local organization of the TED conference, was confirmed. Rosella Scalone, our Marketing Strategy Specialist, will hold her speech at the Magazzini del Cotone, with an intervention about the extraordinary entrepreneurial story of Auleum, between creativity and genius. A presence that fills us with pride from a human and professional perspective. You are all invited to participate and listen to his challenge in the luxury sector. Tickets are available on the TEDx Genova website.

Zanichelli Editore: the release of the new version of the exercise area

The new version of the online exercise area of the online platform Zanichelli has been released; several months of work, from design to development, which involved all the architecture, frontend and backend, of the online platform which manages over a million exercises. The interface has been entirely designed from a ‘mobile first’ perspective, for a more intuitive and immediate usability. A milestone born from the synergy between developers, systems engineers, product owners and user experience design experts. The preview to try for free is available on ZTE.

Market Think Days: the importance of digital solutions in the physical store

The February edition of the Market Think Days event ended a few days ago. The central topic of the workshop, held by Rosella Scalone, was the importance of digital experience in the physical store. Main focus of the edition: the presentation of phygital products: digital solutions that convey involvement towards the physical place and favor interaction in the store.

IMATI research project: the collaboration with the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto

The research project in collaboration with the Ceramics Museum of Savona, the Municipality of Genoa and the National Research Council is in progress. As part of the research project for the enhancement of contemporary art, we met the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto, author of the work Terzo Paradiso and great author with whom we are proud to start a collaboration. Terzo Paradiso/Third Paradise, is a reformulation of the mathematical sign of infinity. The two opposite circles represent nature and artifice and the central one, their conjunction, the womb of rebirth.

SAVE THE WOMAN: the app to prevent gender-based violence

The SAVE THE WOMAN application, a SPX Lab project that aims to be a preventive tool against gender violence, was presented on February 7th in Savona, at the Sibilla room of Priamar. The application is unique in its kind because it acts before the woman is aware of the risk, alerting the victim through an accurate test assessed by artificial intelligence.
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The official Save The Woman website is now online

Save the Woman is an app for smartphones and a tool to prevent gender-based violence through a test based on artificial intelligence. To know how the application works and follow the actions of the next months, sign up for the newsletter from the form on the website. The presentation of the project will be held tomorrow in Savona, on the occasion of the conference against bullying and gender-based violence 'The best antidote? Prevention'.

SAVE THE WOMAN, the presentation at the Conference against bullying and gender-based violence organized by Lions Club International

On February 7th we will intervene at the Conference organized by Lions Clubs International District 108Ia3, "The best antidote? Prevention", an awareness event on bullying, cyberbullying and violence against women. During the occasion we will present the Save The Woman project: initiative that aims to raise awareness and be a concrete help against gender-based violence, through the support of new technologies and AI.
Rosella Scalone, project leader of the project will intervene for SPX Lab.