The visit to Genoa of the general secretary ICHAM

SPX Lab, associate of ICHAM, Italian Chamber of Commerce abroad, welcomed the Secretary General of ICHAM Quyet Tran for a series of meetings with institutions and companies, with the support of the holder SPX and Desk Liguria ICHAM Massimiliano Margarone. During his visit to Genoa, the Secretary promoted the next B2B and Congress activities planned in Vietnam in the second half of the year. 

New Info Point Staglieno

We have inaugurated, thanks to GenovaFa, the new Info Point of the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno, one of the wonders of our city. Near the western entrance, you can find a room dedicated to welcoming visitors with information material and our Ta.Bi, a maxi touch screen through which you can enjoy content of great impact, about historical, cultural and artistic themes of this open-air museum. Come and visit it!

Our ten-year collaboration with Zanichelli Editore

Our collaboration with Zanichelli Editore has been going on for over 10 years.
Zanichelli is an historic Italian company that has always been attentive to the developments and pressing needs for its digital transformation.
We participate in the life cycle of different educational products of the Bologna-based company with a variety of services including design, development, production, to the final assistance to users.
In the different work teams we are active with the following professional figures:Product Owner, the manager of the agile development team, Fullstack Developers, the developers who are experts in both frontend technologies and project architecture, Cloud Specialist, responsible for the AWS infrastructure, Tester Specialist, examiners of the final product and Customer Service, direct assistance to those who use the products, students and teachers.

I big Thank You to the ones who have participated

The INTER-CH research project, in which SPX Lab participated in partnership with the Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche (IMATI) Genova, Museo Ceramica Savona and Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto, has come to an end.
The collaboration, which lasted two years, focused on the study of an innovative system using different elements, including augmented reality, smart surface, art and mathematics. The aim of the research was to promote the artistic and cultural heritage through an innovative, engaging and digital method of use, based on an innovative user experience.
During the experimentation activity , Ta.Bi, the smart table of SPX Lab, was used to present contemporary works of art, in particular Michelangelo Pistoletto's work The Third Paradise, in one of its most tangible representations, i.e. the ceramic and gold version of the work preserved at the Ceramics Museum in Savona.
The innovation of the project was, in addition to the interaction method based on objects, the direct involvement of the artist in the development of the scientific and technological project, according to the S+T+ARTS (Science Technology and Arts) principle.

Noe available our hands-free Green pass reading system

Now available for all activities that need it, our hands-free Green pass reading system, AccessiC19.
To save on staff, we have created a secure app, for massive use with which the user can independently verify his Green Pass before entering. A visual and audible warning returns the result of the reading. It updates automatically and works for all Green Passes, Italian and European, electronic and paper.
Save on staff and reduce queues to access gates with AccessiC19, in partenrship with Videosistem.

New web site and personalized payment portal for Ricci Engineering office

SPX Lab has contributed to the digital transformation of Studio RicciEngeneering, a reality of excellence that operates in Savona's area.
We have created the new institutional website, mobile first, with particular attention to contents and graphic aspect, in compliance with the UX methodology.
We have also developed a customized online payment platform, capable of managing the sending and receiving of notifications about the successful or not evasion of customers' bills. Visit the new web site

Online the portal of the accesses to the Port of Genoa area

The management system for the access control to the area of the Port of Genoa is now online.
For Stazioni Marittime S.P.A. we have designed and realized this portal for manage, in a simple and intuitive way, of all the entry flows, and related authorizations, to the area of the port of Genoa.
After the creation of the institutional website, SPX Lab was chosen to continue the digital transformation of this leading company.

The WebApp of Edukairos is now available

Edukairos, a digital teaching application developed by SPX Lab for Takefligh, is now accessible and navigable from any device. The development of the Webapp has just ended: the questionnaires and the ebooks are now available from any browser. We remind you that the App can also be downloaded for smartphones from main stores

Edukairos application is now online

The Takeflight Edukairos application, entirely developed by SPX Lab, is online and downloadable in the main stores: the application provides members with various digital teaching tools including a questionnaire to profile students and ebooks to assist students. The online courses section and the digital tutor app are also under development and will be available soon.
The application was born as a digital support for learning and education, intended for high school students. Download the app, log in and try this innovative digital teaching tool.