TET 2020: the Chinese New Year party organized by the Vietnam Embassy in Rome

We were present, as ICHAM (Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam) members and as ICHAM Desk in Liguria, at the TET 2020 event, the celebration of the Lunar New Year, which was held in Rome on January 15th at the Vietnam Embassy in Rome, with the presence of the Ambassador HE Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Hue.

The research project in collaboration with the CNR is now underway

SPX Lab collaborates with the National Research Council and the Ceramics Museum of Savona to design innovative interfaces for the use of the historical-cultural heritage. Erika Brunetto, graduated in Mathematics and researcher who won the IMATI call, will collaborate with SPX Lab and with and the CNR for the development of new Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies and new methods of enhancing the Ligurian heritage.

8.01 Mirò Talks in Milan - Fabbrica del Vapore

Thursday 8th of January, we inaugurated the 2020 season of SPX Lab events. Mirò Talks, the presentation of "Mirò, the mirror beyond reflections" was held as part of the Grace Experience exhibition at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan. Along with the presentation of Mirò, the new concept mirror in which design and technology meet, we have proposed a series of interventions held by sector specialists, such as artists, designers, engineers and journalists and PRs. New paths, new processes and new creative projects were discussed, looking for answers to current needs while being a source of innovation, modern experiences and new ways of using technology.

Towards 2020: SPX Lab's best wishes

Many ... kilometers have gone by since our last newsletter. Between mid-November and mid-December we've been busy in a journey that took us across Vietnam, Singapore, Denmark, with Made in Italy values in our hearts and backpacks. Among topics such as Smartcity, Smartgrid, Luxury Interior, Luxury Food, Industry 4.0, we had the opportunity to participate in three international conferences, twenty business meetings and three meetings with universities for the activation of international programs. We continue to build international relationships and contributing to the spread of our vision. Right after we got back, a new great emotion and success was waiting: the opening of the Grace Experience exhibition, where Mirò has been exhibiting at the Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, until January 9th. We want to thank the talented Francesca Lovatelli Caetani for the accurate report on Mirò, broadcasted on LA7 on 17th December, during the "Dimartedì" program. At last, as Desk Liguria ICHAM we had the opportunity to present Vietnam to a group of entrepreneurs, thanks to the CTI Liguria Club. 2019 was also the year of software consultancy, a highly specialized service that we will intensify and offer throughout 2020. On this occasion, we communicate the next events organized by SPX Lab: 8.01 Mirò Talks - Milan, Fabbrica del Vapore; 20.01 Market Think Days - Genoa, SPX Lab. We thank you for the collaborations set during 2019 and we wish happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you and your families.

Massimiliano Margarone, CEO & Founder SPX Lab

Market Think Days: the last edition of 2019

The latest edition of the Market Think Days format for 2019 was held on December 19th. The event, which includes training, networking and a showcase of SPX Lab most innovative products, focused on online and offline sales and an overview of neuromarketing strategies. The next edition will be held on January 20th and it will see many news, updates and new projects to discuss. 

Me Connects at Mercatale 2019

For the second year Cna Genoa chooses ME Connects to engage people during Mercatale, the Christmas markets in Piazza De Ferrari. Sponsors of the events are local activities, which display many gift ideas, from handmade products to excellent Ligurian food and wine products. ME Connects will be active every day at the GE Group stand, until December 23rd.

Mirò exhibited at Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan for the event Grace Experience

We are proud to be part of the Grace Experience project, an art exhibition focusing on the encounter between artificial intelligence and poetry, which will be on display until January 9th at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan. Among the works on display, Mirò, our magic mirror with a technological soul and artistic vocation. Mirò will in fact be the stage for some works related to the film in display, showing poems and video frames and making the person who is reflected, participating in a unique interaction. The inauguration that took place on December 14th saw the presence of journalists and press: Mirò was the protagonist of the service on gifts in the luxury sector, led by Francesca Lovatelli Caetani, Luxury Consultant and broadcast on LA7 on 17/12 at "Dimartedì".
The exhibition will be open until January 9th, from 10.30am to 7.00pm.

Business events as a marketing tool for companies

On November 27th took place the latest edition of the Market Think Days, the workshop dedicated to the world of digital marketing that every month focuses on a new topic and new networking opportunities. This edition focused on the event organization: Gloria Cottafava Event Manager and consultant, gave a speech named "Business events as a marketing tool for companies", detailing in a few simple rules, the fundamental criteria for the excellent organization of an event and how this can generate value in the medium and long term for companies, from brand awareness to the lead generation. Rosella Scalone, Marketing Strategy Specialist for SPX Lab, presented an overview of online and offline sales strategies.

SPX Lab in Vietnam and Singapore

SPX Lab has been in Vietnam and Singapore, representing made in Italy and innovative projects. As members of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam - ICHAM and with the support of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, we created many relationships to develop. We attended the ICHAM Year End Party, invited by President ICHAM Michele D'Ercole, a collaboration that gave birth to the International Desk ICHAM in Liguria, a project extended from the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam. Ambassadors of Ligurian excellence in the world, we faced this journey of representation with the primary aim of strengthening relations between the two countries also on a technological level and creating new projects, keeping our focus on business and today marketplace.

ME Connects at C1A0 Expo

During the weekend of November 15th and 16th, C1A0 Expo: the first fair dedicated to artificial intelligence was held at Palazzo San Giorgio. We participated as partner of the event, with ME Connects: to promote the initiatives of Punto Impresa Digitale and Genoa Chamber of Commerce. The two-day event brought together exhibitors, professionals and enthusiasts in Genoa for a 360-degree overview of a current analysis of AI and an overview of future perspectives; along with with workshops, laboratories and exhibitions.