WOMAN ONLIVE: Social Innovation... For women

The second Woman Onlive talk was held; the format created to discuss the #NONPOSSOPARLARE project: a digital tool to fight domestic violence. During this second meeting, Social Innovation and the genesis of the project were discussed, from the point of view of technology and digital innovation. We spoke alongside Rosella Scalone, creator of the project, DotVocal and BTrees moderated by Alessandra Grasso of Agorà Coop. At the end of the talk, a tribute to women was held by the tribute band 'The Plastic Onion Band'.

WOMAN ONLIVE: the team synergy for a Social Innovation project

The first WOMAN ONLIVE talk was held, a format to describe the #NONPOSSOPARLARE project with guests and project partners. The first intervention focused on the synergy of anti-violence centers, the Third Sector and technological innovation. The event moderated by Alessandra Grasso, communication expert of Agorà Coop, Rosella Scalone founder of the project, Simona Binello of the Cooperativa Sociale Agorà and Paola Campi of the Antiviolence centre Pandora di Genova of Genoa where the experimentation chatbot is active. The event was opened by the poem written by Roberto Bani for the project. The format will be repeated on Thursday 25 June at 17.00, with a focus on innovation and technology.

#NONPOSSOPARLARE: the chatbot is now active

The #NONPOSSOPARLARE chatbot, a tool born from the collaboration between engineering and Third Sector, was installed on the Pandora anti violence website, giving way to national experimentation and collaboration with anti-violence centers. The activation marks the start of the pilot phase of our solidarity project, which will then bring, thanks to the fundraising, the spread of anti-violence centers on the national territory, and develop the chatbot in 27 languages. The crowdfunding campaign is active; to support us: www.nonpossoparlare.it

Tourism 4.0: SPX Lab held a course to Tour Operator and tourism institutions

Rosella Scalone, our Special Projects Expert, held the first lecture to Tour Operators and tourism exponents on the prospects of the post-pandemic scenario and on the best marketing strategies to be implemented nowadays. Among the proposed strategies, ME Connects was presented, the marketing automation tool that combines engagement with marketing actions, the key theme of the course. The initiative is organized by the Genoa Chamber of Commerce CLP Ligurian Centre for Productivity, and is the first of a series of weekly meetings dedicated to the future of tourism in the current scenario.

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Live Brokerage Experience: EXPORTLOUNGE official presentation

The CX Now 2020 virtual edition was held today, an opportunity for discussion and updating on the future of B2B technologies and marketing applications. Massimiliano Margarone, CEO of SPX Lab, held a speech entitled 'Live brokerage Experience', investigating the future of the buying experience. During the occasion, the EXPORTLOUNGE project was officially presented: a platform for meeting supply and demand that focuses on the role of intermediary bodies and agencies, thus giving new importance to exports in the current scenario. The platform is able to provide virtual events, live commerce and business machting; creating a dynamic and engaging environment for companies and end customers where human relationships are always central.

SPX Lab at CX Now 2020 Digital Edition

On May 26th we will be present, as every year, at the CX Now 2020 event, which this year will be held virtually due to the global pandemic. We will participate as sponsor and speaker, discussing the future of the post-pandemic world shopping and customer experience. Massimiliano Margarone, CEO Spx Lab, will hold a speech entitled 'Live Brokerage Experience: virtual bridge between supply and demand'. We will also present some of the projects we have worked on over the past few months, business matching platforms integrated with opportunities for interactive showcases and virtual events, with the role of intermediation and human contact as key values. The session Omichannel Strategy where we will participate, will be held from 11.00am. By registering on the event platform it will be possible to attend the interventions and interact with our sales department through a virtual booth; to request information or demonstrations.

New spot SPX Lab

We created the new corporate spot, guided by this historical moment that prompted us to think about how we should have adapted and what we should have proposed to our partners and customers to help them adapt to recent difficulties. Just like in the game of the broken telephone, we are now able to communicate quickly, in confined spaces, but with projects that ideally embrace the whole globe. SPX Lab has always moved within well-defined but innovative boundaries, such as digital publishing, interface design, user experience and collection and processing of sensitive data useful to companies. Covid19, however, gave us the opportunity to broaden our views and our boundaries, allowing us to insert all the values ​​that we have always carefully cultivated, within a broader vision. In a hypothetical imaginary and increasingly contactless world, SPX Lab is working to make this happen in the simplest, fastest and most accessible way. Thanks also to CXNow for stimulating the preparation of this new element of corporate communication. Here's the link to our spot: https://vimeo.com/413143268/55a0e19ba6

#NONPOSSOPARLARE: the crowdfunding is now on

The Starteed fundraising platform is active to support the NONPOSSOPARLARE project. The project was born in collaboration with Dotvocal, the anti-violence centers Pandora and Insieme Senza Violenza and many others Third Sector professionals. The tool wants to be the voice of women forced home in conditions of abuse and violence, who cannot expose themselves and ask for help. The chatbot provides silent and untracked support. The next phase involves promoting the use to more and more anti-violence centers and associations and being able to provide multilingual content, to not leave any woman alone. Find out more about the project and how to support us: www.nonpossoparlare.it

The presentation of the project #NONPOSSOPARLARE

The official launch of the digital tool to combat domestic violence was held today, a solution that is needed especially during this Covid19 emergency. Indeed, many women find themselves locked in the house in conditions of violence and abuse; the emergency has also been raised by the UN and OMS, after the cases of violence increased, all around the world. #NONPOSSOPARLARE is a chatbot active 24 hours a day, a "silent", "intelligent" and safe help tool for women who are unable to report abuse by calling. The project is the result of social innovation: born from the synergy between technologists and third sector professionals. The chatbot is created in collaboration with Dotvocal, the two anti-violence centers: Pandora in Genoa and Insieme Senza Violenza in Imperia, the Agorà Cooperative and other sector specialists that make up the Scientific Committee.

Happy Easter from SPX Lab Team

Easter 2020 is approaching, this year it will be different, far from come of our loved ones, but virtually brought together by technology. We have reacted, imagining Italy in six months, inside and outside the borders of the nation, and with some of our partners we have developed ideas, from "live commerce", to the defense of women at this time of lockdown, to "business matching” platform for export, to an app for monitoring the dynamics associated with COVID-19. Many of which will become proposals and, we hope, projects. From the first moments of this emergency, to protect the health of SPX Lab, we decided to adopt 100% smartworking; it was easy for us who have been working with smartworking since 2010 ... but looking around we immediately realized that the situation was not as easy: many companies were unprepared - smartworking is a mentality not only a set of digital tools - and others that smartworking could not have adopted, logistics companies for example. We therefore made ourselves available to provide free help for those who needed smart and agile work methods and digital marketing to overcome the physical limits of the lockdown. We have thus produced our own free downloadable e-book. For several weeks we have been supporting online teaching: we monitor the performance of applications and servers, we are thinking about new developments so that students do not miss school education. Almost 3000 students are constantly connected to our servers on which Zanichelli learning tools are used. For us it is a great success, but the real challenge will be to equip ALL students with technology and overcome the "digital divide", too many in fact still lack it. At the beginning of the lockdown, we made some recommendations by preparing an infographic for a more aware use of remote applications in the hypothesis that the whole world would switch to teleworking mode and that this could saturate the calculation skills. The recommendations have been implemented by C3I, CNI and the Council Presidency. SPX Lab does not stop, in compliance with the decrees, we do it for us, for our customers and for our partners. This situation has allowed all the members of SPX Lab to really understand the core values of the team and the company, the distance has made us even closer. We will continue to make our values available to the community so that everyone can start again with a new strategy and vision of the world. We wish a happy Easter to all.